Friday, January 21, 2011


Jess barged into my office today (well, I suppose yesterday. I really should sleep more than I do) holding a bundle of paper, wearing thin latex gloves. "We found something."

I was...less pleased with that than you might've thought: I was currently with a patient. He (his name is not relevant) turned around, leaning over the back of the couch with a steely glint in his eyes. "Excuse me, Detective White: you can wait." That was him, not me. I was a little slow on the uptake, and didn't really want to get involved. Particularly not when Jess' eyes matched my patients. The only words that went through my mind were Oh God, prepare for impact. 
"I'm sorry, Mr. [REDACTED], but I'm trying to do my job here, something I'm fairly sure you should be doing instead of wasting working hours talking about your feelings! So, how about, I leave, give you two minutes to finish bawling your eyes out to Dr. Shrink over here, and I'll come back with a glass of water and some concrete pills so you can harden the FUCK up, you goddamn prick!" She lifted her foot up and brought her heel down on the arm of the couch (earning a wince from me: that was good leather, and it came out of my salary), before exiting, slamming the door behind her.

Yeah, I don't think it would be breaching patient confidentiality too much if I were to say that Jess has some unresolved anger issues underneath her belt.

Funnily enough, though, he didn't feel much like continuing the session, so we wrapped things up, and he left just as Jess came back in, still fuming. "Can you believe the nerve of that guy?"
"Not in the slightest. Want to sit down?"

We both sat on the couch (which was thankfully unscuffed), and she dropped the papers in front of me. Photocopies of all these little drawings in tiny squares, which I recognized as a film storyboard. "Jason's place. We just got these ones back from Forensics. I told Dr. Aspen that you needed them."
"And she gave them to you?"
"Actually, she said they were still being tested. These are just the pieces of the diary which are done, she's still got an entire book down there. Not all of it's in one piece, either, it's all been torn up and..."
"So, this is what Jason wrote before he went missing?"
"No, get this...It's not Jason's writing. It's Theo's. And, the best part?"
"The final entry is the day AFTER Jason disappeared. One day after the house was put under lockdown."
"What does that even MEAN?"
"I don't know." She grinned. "But this is evidence. Actual, physical evidence. I can do something with this. You want in?"

"Anything to get me off the computer for a change. I'm sick of reading forum posts."

I'm going to be uploading these diary pages as we finish with them. They and my musically aligned posts, will be available on my Tumblr account, along with anything else...unconventional. My more traditional posts will be available here.

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