Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Crime Scene.

I've been putting this post off for a long time, mostly because some of the contents of it are...well, I'm not quite sure how to deal with it. But Theo's house has been thoroughly investigated since that night, and I'm finally feeling comfortable enough with my mindspace that I can look at the evidence objectively.

First of all, outside. Three pairs of unidentified footprints were found in Theo's backyard. One of them came from fairly heavy duty boots; possibly army surplus. One was unidentifiable as any particularly recognizable sort of shoe. The third came from a pair of fairly dressy shoes, which would not look out of place with the assumed profile of our killer; wearing an expensive suit.

...Sadly for the paranormal enthusiasts, that particular pair of dressy shoes is now sitting in my apartment, after I took them off that night. The crime lab is unaware of my presence at the crime scene at any point in time. Detective Morrow was informed, and potentially Captain Hernandez; I'm not honestly sure who knows about the reason for my sick leave, and frankly, I don't want to think about it too hard myself.

The pile of organs was promptly analyzed before it decomposed too much. The majority of them belonged to an unfortunate member of the bovine population, but...mixed in (for want of a more respectful term), was a human brain and heart, the owner of which is currently unidentified. We're keeping an eye out for missing persons, but there's not exactly much to ID the victim on; we're hoping that the body will show up (though 'hoping' is not the word I would generally apply to a situation involving a brain missing a body...This isn't exactly a general situation.) The bags the organs were presumably carried in with have no fingerprints, but the same dress shoe from outside left an imprint in one of the intestines.

Downstairs, however, is where the most evidence of substance seems to be located.

First of all, that painting on the ground. I have read a great many of these blogs, and I don't believe I have seen anything like that in any of them. I do however, get a prickling feeling that I have seen that symbol before. Unlike the horrifying chaos upstairs, this symbol appears to have been created quite neatly, almost clinically. It appears to have been measured out precisely, and patiently. This seems far more in-character with the almost surgical nature of the first two murders we encountered.

Thoughts on the symbol itself...Color choices are consistent with those already explored in the Mythos. The wave extending from the seems to me to be a stylized representation of the reading off an electrocardiogram; a single heartbeat, then asystole. Rather dire, I suppose.

What is most interesting, however, is the piece of paper found within the semicircle. Though it is fairly hard to see from the picture of the symbol; there are four streams of red liquid extending out symmetrically from the piece of paper in the middle.

Three guesses what the red liquid is. We have not yet identified whose blood that was. It does not match up with any of the evidence we have so far; another victim?

Dr. Aspen told me (with much glee) that the piece of paper in the blood was unable to be released for assessment. I was, however, allowed to have a brief look at it. The blood had soaked into much of the paper, however, there was still a phrase that could be made out.

"THE FIRST VOW." Extending from the outskirts of the page were several of the same insidious tentacles that pervaded Theo's notebook, and in the top right hand corner, a "V" was clearly visible.

...It's getting late, and I'm wrecked. Which beats being unable to sleep by a long shot. I'm going to catch a couple of hours rest before I need to be up for work.

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  1. Glad to see you're doing alright! =D
    Though I have to wonder if you've talked with the higher-ups about what to do with those shoes. We don't want you getting incriminated now, do we?