Thursday, February 24, 2011

Return to Sender.

It's been a crazy week, and I come back and find...that.
I've done the usual. Changed passwords and the like, but...I'm troubled. I'm...apparently far deeper into this than I ever thought possible. Than I ever wanted to be.

I can't tell the police. I've placed myself in a very...grey area regarding confidentially by writing this blog.

I should just delete it. Cut my losses and get out before I lose my job. That would solve at least one of my problems.

...I'm in over my head. I need to go calm down.


  1. Don't do anything drastic. Try to figure out who did that. Was it Roel?

  2. Funny you should ask...Give me a little bit to collect my thoughts. There has been a good reason for my absence. We've lost...some more people, and found one.

  3. I hope everything is alright, Rivers. Update us soon, okay? I know there's a confidentiality rule, but you've already thrown that to the wind, haven't you? How much more damage can possibly done?
    I agree with Ben, though. We need to find out more about Roel. Have you tried getting in touch with him? There was something about him being in Angora chat, yes? I'll keep an eye out for him.

  4. Yeah. About that confidentiality thing.

    You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You're a psychiatric professional, for crying out loud. Lose your job? You should lose every professional accreditation you have. What you've done in letting slip these details of your clients is absolutely unforgivable. Sure, maybe we can't identify them. But there's no chance that their colleagues won't be able to identify who you're talking about, and that's vastly more damaging to their patients than some utter stranger on the other side of the world that they'll never meet hearing about it.

    They say Slender Man can be a manifestation of guilt. Well, you certainly have something to be guilty about: the existence of this blog.

    Maybe it's time to do the honourable and ethical thing.