Friday, February 25, 2011

Through The Loop.

This is another short update; in fact, it's less of an update and more of a...compilation.

Yes, my Tumblr was hacked. No, I don't know who it was.

More interesting for my readers at home, however; the mysterious gentleman who took over my account for a few days, appears to be playing some sort of game.

First round of the game appears to be "Hide and Go Seek", where he posted a picture of...well, I haven't quite been able to figure that out yet. My followers on Tumblr have since informed me that in the (I'm not particularly great with how technology works; I can use it perfectly fine, but damned if I can understand it), was a code built out of a series of triplets, consisting of a large Roman numeral, an Arabic numeral, and a small Roman numeral.

If you want to see this code, it has been posted (presumably in its original form) at my Tumblr. If you do not trust that version of it, then you can probably locate the file embedded in the picture.

The reason I didn't notice this gentleman on my Tumblr? Simple fact of the matter, I wasn't here. Work has been running all of us ragged, and none of us are too sure what to think. Hell...some of the shit that's happened this week, we're not sure we want to think about at all.

I appreciate everyone's patience with these updates, might need to wait a little bit longer. I just don't feel comfortable discussing some of the events of the last few days just yet; once my headspace improves, I will keep you posted.


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  2. Take your time, Dr. Rivers. We (and by we I mostly mean Dixie, but several others helped) partially "cracked" the code, but we...need some more information from the journal you were posting on the other half of this.

  3. Are you still alive, Dr. Rivers?