Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Thoughts.

...I'll be honest, not much. I've looked through the notebook several times and am noticing some trends.

There's also some stuff that I just plain haven't encountered in any of my research into the Mythos.

Pages 20, 21 and 22 appear to be as a single instance, as do pages 18 and 19.

The reason I stopped where I did, was because from that point onward, the art style changes...entirely. I still don't know what to think about that. Or the Roman numerals throughout the book. Or...anything.

I can't concentrate. This is a stupid time to be awake. I've been up since about 4, after sleeping at 1. Just...couldn't sleep for longer. I've...well, I've been having dreams. I'm aware that this is a hallmark of these Slender stories, but I can assure you, it's nothing I hadn't expected. I just, relive that moment, where I'm looking up at that face. Porcelain white with arrogant abysses of eyes, crying blood as my vision fades around the edges. He leans over me, and...does he say something? No, he snorts. A single "Hah." Derisive in the face of my horror.

I'm going to make myself a coffee, then head in for work. I need something to take my mind off this.


  1. Dr. Rivers, I'm glad you released the images. Regarding pages 20,21 and 22: The drawing style is very unusual and does not mesh with anything I've seen in the Mythos. Coupled with the extremely unsteady hand in several instances (compare the dates to the 1266 written on page 15) this looks like there are two authors. An adult with a certain and steady hand, if nervous at times, and someone who appears childish. You would know better than I, but is this an odd regression to childhood or has the book been handed to a child at some point?

    Further, there is an instance on page 10 of text that seems to have been rubbed out. Can the original message be recovered by examining the indentations on paper, if any?

    Again, thank you for sharing these documents. Good luck, and keep safe.

  2. Regarding Page 10: The remaining graphite traces seem to say "It can't be", though the indentations themselves seem to indicate "It can't see".

    Your 'two author' theory...holds merit. According to handwriting indicators, all the writing in this book was done by Theo (and how he gets through college with that scrawl, we can only imagine), but...Well, from what will be seen with the second installment, the author's mindset at the very least changes almost diametrically. And your analysis of Page 15 fits entirely with my own. I do believe some sort of a childlike regression did occur; the writing on that page is particularly illegible.

  3. Childlike or written with the wrong hand. Actually, my attempts at writing with my left hand are probably worse than that.